Mission statement

My name is John, I live in Vancouver, B.C. I have never been completely clueless socially but I have never really gone out of my way to meet people and now that I’m getting close to 30 years old I would like to reassert myself as a social person so that I can be surrounded by successful and fun people who will enhance my life in exchange for me doing the same for them.

The point of my posts here will be simply to notate my progress as a newly discovered social person.

I will endever to update this tumblr when I make progress with approaches, conversations, connections and relationships as well as with any sources I can regarding education so that any people reading this can learn from the sources I find most valuable as well as from my mistakes… Speaking of which.

The idea of “Failing Upwards” is usually associated with incompetence being rewarded. In my discussions and interactions with others I will Undoubtably¬†fail often and my goal is to learn from those failures so as to not repeat the same mistakes time and time again. I believe this is possible through learning from good sources (which I will be posting favourites of as I come across new ones) and then talking to enough people to gain decent “calibration” skills, in other words the ability to know when it is appropriate to escalate an interaction and when it’s time to politely move on.

Hopefully by me crashing and burning, essentially “failing up,” you will be able to learn from my mistakes as well and begin surrounding yourself with the people you’ve always wanted to be involved with without having to fail so many times yourself.

We’ll see how it goes and just hope that we don’t get slapped too often.