First solo Friday night game

After wandering around Granville for about half an hour and working on eye contact and body language while walking I ended up down Robson at Subeez cafe. Pretty cool place.
Walked around once, saw two pairs of interesting girls. Chickened out longer than 3 seconds so I hit the bathroom and came back.
I opened with what is becoming my go to opener “you girls look fashionable. I have a birthday for a friend in a few weeks, what kind of shirt should I get?”
I then immediately failed at losing the indirect and going direct with something like “I’m just playing around, I don’t really want to talk about clothes I just wanted to talk to you girls.”
I ended up friend zoned after approximately 2 hours of my best confident body language and good banter/conversation. I saw numerous indicators of interest, which I figured out later could possibly have been directed at each other relating to their conversation or just a comfort thing or something.

My biggest problems to work on from this:
1. I think I touched one of the girls on the shoulder 3 times in 2 hours. Not enough! And I never escalated at all. The other girl, the one I actually wanted to number close, I high fived twice. Again, no good.
2. I agreed to watch their costs and drinks while they went to the bathroom. I couldn’t think of a way out of it. While I don’t entirely believe that it’s a bad thing to do a favor like that, it definitely hurt my attraction tonight. Made me seem like I was there just for them.
3. I invested 2 hours in conversation with these girls only to end up with the one I wasn’t interested in’s phone number and a tentative shopping trip where she will help me find the shirt they recommended. The hotter girl was obviously not interested in a number switch and even the one I did get said she was not interested in a date, just to shop.

Well. Tough lessons but I guess it could have been worse. I did get to practice conversation threading, eye contact and body language. But the main thing I learned is to not invest so much time in one set when I could have just moved to another bar and started again.
I need to learn how to be direct and touch more often and sooner. Period.