First online response

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

So after listening to many hours of good advice from AJ and Jordan and www.pickuppodcast.com as well as tips from many of their guests on “text game” as they call it, as well as online dating tips I have already got one an online message record of about 1/4. That is Pretty goddamn exciting at my early stage of progress.

The tip that seems to have helped the most is looking at small details in profile pictures and bringing them to light. Don’t put too much thought in as you might miss entirely anyway but if you nail an observation or bring up something they haven’t been asked before, then you have yourself a conversation and as it turns out, getting responses as a guy in online dating is the hard part.


First number

Shit yeah! Today I got my first legitimate number after beginning my social education.

Okay, so it wasn’t what pickup artists might call a proper “Number Close” but I feel that this was a success, and this early on I’ll take all the successes I can get. Kind of letting down the idea of a fail blog already, but I’m okay with that!

Wandering around the local mall today before I went to get some food on my diet’s Cheat Day” (for information on the “Slow Card Diet” see Tim Ferriss’ book called “The 4 Hour Body”) I saw two cute girls working at the counter of a salon and decided to go say hi before I could talk myself out of it. Finally following Mystery’s 3 second rule, one of my favourite pieces of advice he has.

I walked up, said hi. Asked her opinion of my hair, told her a funny story about the last time I’d had my hair cut at some local barber shop. She laughed at the right things and then I encouraged her to talk about her hair as she had mentioned she had recently cut off 45cm of her hair and it was now a mohawk. Turns out she’s in hair dresser school and I asked questions and listened to her talk about how much fun it was and how the girls all did the more reserved haircuts so she had decided to go all out and go for the seldom seen female-mohawk.

After talking for what was probably 5 minutes, mostly about her, I asked if it was possible to get a cut at the school she was at. She said yes. I asked her how I could get in touch if I wanted to drop by. She offered that she could give me her cell number and I could coordinate that way when my hair had grown out a bit and I wanted to come in for a proper haircut.

About 5 minutes later I texted her, starting out with a funny nickname then thanking her for her advice and saying I thought it was only fair she have my number so when I take her up on her offer of a haircut she would remember me. Number exchange done and I feel that this could be a great opportunity to practice some “text game” as it could be called and play around with some methods and possibly get the chance to know her a bit better on an actual date as she was displaying interest when we talked and genuinely seemed to be having a good time talking to me.

So true, I did not cold approach her on the street and get a number close, and there was a pre tense of work involved but I feel that I may be able to make something out of this number, if only as a learning experience.

There could be a fail to learn from in this yet.